Fight Like a Girl

Yes, ladies, this one’s for you. When you began your foray into the world of martial arts, the deck was stacked against you. The presumption is that women and girls only take martial arts lessons for reasons of self-defense, and while that may be true and wise for many, it’s not the case for all.

Martial arts are a good workout, a healthy part of an active lifestyle, and with the right martial arts floor mats, you practice your art at home. There’s no substitute for good instruction, and most of us will only get that in a gym or studio. But to really own your practice, you must find time and space at home to continue what you’ve learned. If martial arts have found a place in your heart and your life, then giving yourself the supportive, protected space at home to master your art is one of the best choices you’ll make.

Our tatami finish martial arts mats are just what you’ll practice on at the gym, so bringing that home is the best way to provide continuity and safety while you practice. The mats are made of thick, shock-absorbing EVA foam and have a tatami grass texture on top so your hands and feet find purchase every time. If you want to cover just a small area of your home, just a few mats will do. You can purchase them in a pack or singly so you get just what you need and have little to no waste. If you want to cover a whole room, the jumbo martial arts matsĀ will do it in less time and with fewer mats. Regardless of the mats you choose, you can install them yourself in just minutes. The interlocking tabs fit together tightly and with the application of some carpet tape to the underside, slipping will never be an issue.

So go ahead and fight like a girl in your very own martial arts home studio. The old insult will quickly become a serious compliment.