First Annual Kids’ Yoga Day

Remember the International Yoga Day endorsed by the United Nations? Well now there’s going to be another inaugural yoga event: Kids’ Yoga Day! Schools around the United States and in many other countries will be taking a mere five minutes out of the school day on April 8th, 2016, to introduce and encourage kids to participate in a few fun yoga poses, hopefully encouraging them to make yoga a part of their daily lives.

What’s the big deal about five minutes on a yoga mat? Yoga is seen as an adult practice, especially in the United States, but the truth is that absolutely everyone can benefit from the practice: men, women, old, young, healthy, unwell. To focus yoga on children requires flexibility (no pun intended) because children have different physical and mental abilities than adults. They have different motivations for doing the active things they choose to do. By introducing them to yoga in a fun setting, the hope is that these children and perhaps even their schools will choose to integrate yoga into their daily routines, improving physical strength and stamina, increasing mental focus, and even lowering discipline problems.

If your child’s school is one of the participating schools, grab a yoga mat for your child (better yet, let your child choose one!) and be thankful as you send him or her off to school on the 8th. If your child’s school isn’t participating, perhaps you can encourage them to sign up for the event. There’s not a whole lot of preparation that needs to happen except getting a few poses ready and getting your kids excited about the day.

If your child participates, we’d love to see some pictures! Send them to us and we’ll likely use them in this blog or on our Facebook page. Encouraging active, healthy lifestyles is one of a parent’s primary hopes as they travel the uncertain road of parenting. Getting your child interested in yoga at a young age will go miles toward keeping them fit, focused, and having fun!