Fitness for the Frazzled

Too many of us are tired at the end of the day and we don’t want to go to the gym, so the best solution has got to be having a home gym or workout space that you can use whenever you want to. Seriously, if your machines and weights or floor work could be done in the comfort of your own home, wouldn’t you be more likely to do that workout routine even when you’re frazzled from the workday?

Install some firm, shock-absorbing EVA foam mats in your workout space and you’ll be motivated to exercise just because your space is so cool. Ok, maybe that won’t be your entire motivation, but the right flooring in your workout space can mean you get your activities accomplished in a safe environment that doesn’t have to mean leaving the house. EVA foam mats can be installed in minutes, because their edges are like puzzle pieces; their interlocking tabs fit together snugly for a non-slip fit that can actually be taken apart if they need to be moved without losing their resiliency. For workouts that involve a lot of motion, like side-to-side weight-bearing moves (think plyometrics or cross-fit), a little carpet tape on the underside of the mats will add extra assurance that the mats won’t slip.

Home fitness areas are sometimes too small, even for EVA foam mats, so in these cases, we recommend our personal exercise mats. These mats provide lots of thickness and support while being small enough to be used in limited areas. They fold in half for easy storage, and are great for your basic exercises like crunches, pushups, stretching, and pilates. The construction of these fitness mats is outstanding, too, so they’ll last for years, thanks to top-quality stitching and heavy duty vinyl.

If you don’t have the energy to go to the gym after a long day, you can still stay fit with a home workout space covered in EVA foam mats or with a simple personal fitness mat that you use in whatever space you want in your own home. Don’t let your workout routing fall by the wayside just because you’re tired at the end of the day. Get motivated with your own home gym and work out the frustrations of the day on your own time and in your own space.