Fitness Mats for Everything…Really.

You know, fitness mats get a bad rep. They all get lumped into one box (sometimes literally). But there are so many different kinds of fitness mats that serve different purposes. Some are for taking to a class, some are for use at home, heck – some even go under your fitness equipment. So let’s be honest: not all fitness mats are the same.

Usually when people think of fitness mats, they think of the mats you might use for floor work during exercise. That’s a fair assessment, because many of them do serve that purpose. In fact we carry three different kinds of those mats just for that purpose. But even these aren’t the same. The smallest mat is just 2’x6‘ – perfect for small spaces when you need a little extra padding. Do you roll out of bed and do push-ups and sit-ups? Perfect place for a small mat. If you need a little more room, our 4’x8′ mat almost triples the space available. This mat is a great take-along to a class (all the fitness mats fold and have a handle for easy transport). If you have a large space in your home where you want the freedom to do an entire workout without limitation, check out our 4’x10′ exercise mat. You might confuse it for wall-to-wall flooring because it’s so big, but it’s really just a fitness mat, one that allows you the freedom you need to do whatever kind of workout you want.

So technically, these fitness mats are pretty much the same. But they come in different colors!

There is actually another fitness mat that isn’t like the above fitness mats at all and that is the 4mm PVC fitness equipment mat.  Yep, it’s a fitness mat for your fitness equipment. Don’t want your treadmill to leave marks on the floor? Need a place to store the hand weights so they don’t crack the tile? These fitness equipment mats are designed just for that purpose.

So while all fitness mats are not created the same, they do all share a similar purpose: to make sure you have the ability and comfort to do your workout wherever you want without damage to your body or your floor. Protect all the things with a fitness mat.