Floor Mats for All the Martial Arts

martial arts floor mats

One of the most critical components of a martial arts practice, whether it’s BJJ, aikido, judo, or even MMA, are martial arts floor mats. Mats protect you from falls, throws, and just accidents in general. The healthier you stay, the longer you can practice your martial art.

If you’re looking for martial arts mats for your home, getting an accurate measurement of your space is important. Our standard pack of martial arts mats comes with six 2′ interlocking mats to cover 24 square feet of space. The edge pieces included in each pack will give your space a nice finished look. Don’t think 24 square feet is enough? No problem. You can simply order more or give us a call for some other ideas and help ordering. Take a look at the handy calculator on the web page to find out exactly how many tiles you might need for your plans.

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If you are a martial arts instructor, you’ll be pleased to know we can help put martial arts mats down in your facility affordably and easily. You can purchase our mats in 100 square foot packs or individually, just like you can for your home. We’ve had plenty of experience helping instructional facilities choose their tiles, so give us a call and we’ll do the same for you.

Our martial arts mats come in three thicknesses. For the advanced martial artist and those desiring a little more balance, our 1/2″ mats are perfect. For beginners and those wanting a little extra cushioning, we recommend the 3/4″ mats. These will absorb more impact and help make getting back up a little easier. And for those wanting the thickest cushioning option available, there’s always the 1″ martial arts mats. Trust us, you could get a good night’s sleep on these mats!

All our martial arts mats come in your choice of four colors and a sure-grip Tatami textured finish. If you’d like a sample of the mats before you make up your mind, you can order one online. For just the cost of shipping, you’ll be able to see and feel the mats to decide which one is right for you. Pros and amateurs alike love our martial arts mats. We’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with them, too.