Floors for Fitness

Fitness flooring is different from the flooring in you living room. It’s different from the floors at the mall and in the locker room. Fitness flooring is different because it needs to meet specific needs that frankly, you don’t have in your living room or the mall. When you’re using free weights or doing plyometrics or HIIT, your floor needs to be able to take it. A nice berber or ceramic tiles aren’t going to work.

When you think about the kind of flooring you need for your home fitness area, there are a few things to take into consideration. The first is, well, you’re Number One! You have to protect your body while you’re working out or your routine could be shortened due to fatigue or even injury. Protecting the bod is first priority. So you should look for something soft but supportive. Our fitness mats and multi-purpose mats are exactly what you should be shopping for.

We carry different kinds of fitness mats because, like clothing, one size NEVER fits all. You don’t want to do yoga on super thick EVA foam because you’ll lose your balance in the thickness. But you don’t want to use free weights on a yoga mat, either. And if you’re practicing martial arts, you’ll want a tatami textured grip under your feet, not a 3/8” EVA multi-purpose mat. If you’re going to practice on the balance beam, you’ll want more than just a little foam under your beam; you’ll want some seriously thick crash pads.

Our goal is to make fitness mats for every kind of indoor exercise program you can think of. We’re pretty sure we’ve done it, too. The choice of a fitness flooring solution is very personal – you need the one that’s going to suit you, your workout, and your space perfectly. Our multi-purpose mats and martial arts mats come as squares with puzzle-piece edges so you can install them any way you like. We have varying thicknesses of yoga mats for the beginner and the yogi. We have personal exercise mats that are portable and just the right size for limited space. And of course our tumbling mats and crash mats round out the safety net for gymnasts.

Whatever your routine, floors for fitness is imperative. The right fitness mats will protect your body from fatigue and injury, give you the traction and support you need, and be there when you come crashing down, only to help you get right back up again. That’s a fitness floor you can count on.