Foam Floors? Really??

Okay, this isn’t shaving foam we’re talking about here. We’re talking flexible, supportive EVA foam. It’s a soft, durable copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate that has lots of different applications: flooring, sporting equipment, crafts, costumes, set design, and even your favorite summer-time flip-flops. You know how comfortable your flip-flops are, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine how they could make fantastic material for floors in specific circumstances. Think about your workout. You need a solid, supportive surface, but also one that absorbs shock and is comfortable when you have to be on your hands and knees, fingertips and toes, tailbone, head…you get the idea. It’s got to be soft enough to encourage you to keep going. Or consider the martial arts studio: there’s serious need for a soft place to land when you’re practicing take-downs. Maybe you’re the tinkering kind (got a car or a bike in the garage you work on over the weekend); EVA foam mats are perfect for garages and work areas because they can handle whatever might get spilled on them. EVA foam is quite simply the best flooring for these applications.

How does it work? Do I need a professional installation? Are you going to try to sell me special chemicals to clean it with, too? It may surprise you, but a flooring system this versatile actually requires no professional installation. The interlocking tabs on each of the mats means the pieces fit together easily, like a puzzle. If you ever need to move them, they come up just as easily and can be laid again without compromising their durability. And clean-up is just as easy. A little water and a rag or mop is all you need. EVA foam is chemical-resistant, so you’re not polluting your workout space with unnecessary fumes.

Our EVA foam mats come in many thicknesses, colors, and even different finishes. Designs can be letters and numbers for children’s rooms and play areas, carpet top for a warm feeling in the basement, or a nice wood grain (our best-seller) for a classy finish.

EVA foam mats are the perfect combination of good looks, comfort, support, durability, and customization. Not sure which to choose? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we love to talk about our mats, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you determine which mats are best for your application!