Foam Mats for Fun Playrooms

girls playing in playroom

If you peruse our Facebook page, you’ll see a lot of comments from people who’ve used our mats to cover playroom floors. This is one of the most popular uses of our mats, whether it involves the colorful 3/8” mats or the classy wood grain mats. Play areas in larger rooms get defined, and other playrooms get the wall-to-wall treatment. Whichever fits your needs, you and your kids will be thoroughly satisfied with your newly floored playroom. 

A simple, sturdy EVA foam floor is the first and best step to take in creating a playroom the kids will actually use. You know the story: kids lose interest faster than your checking account can keep up, whether it’s toys, activities, or play areas. One of the key elements of maintaining an area the kids will want to play in is to keep it simple. Forget the multi-media center enclosed in a spaceship-style cabinet. Don’t waste time on a split-level pirate ship motif. When you provide too much, kids lose the desire to be imaginative. An uncluttered space provides plenty of room for the imagination!

Which mats would be best for your play space? Ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you want to dedicate a whole room or just a part of a room as the play area? What is the existing floor covered in? Are food and drink spills going to be an issue? How old are the kids who will be playing there? The size of the space merely determines how many mats you’ll need to order. And we’ll be glad to help you figure that out. If the existing floor is a hard surface (concrete, wood, tile), you can easily put the mats directly over the floor with nothing else involved. If you’re talking about a carpeted space, the carpet will need to be removed. If your kids are young and prone to spilling (or older and prone to spilling!), you may want to stay away from the carpet top mats. The EVA foam mats are the easiest to clean, so they’re the best choice for kids. The carpet top mats add warmth and quietness to rooms, so you may find a place to use them in an adult area.

Playrooms can be truly inviting spaces when they start with a good EVA foam foundation. Build a space together with your kids that can grow with them – give us a call and we’ll help you get started!