Foam Mats in the Workplace

interior hair salon

Every once in awhile, we like to highlight a specific business where the use of mats would greatly improve the experience either for customers, workers, or both. One such retail application is hair and beauty salons.Stylists and barbers spend the vast majority of their work hours on their feet, usually with their arms stretched out in front of them. This particular position creates incredible strain on the upper back, but the true source of fatigue in this business is the surface the stylist is standing on. Concrete or ceramic tile floors are easy to sweep, sure, but they allow absolutely no comfort or forgiveness to the feet. What’s needed is a surface that can be easily maintained but that absorbs shock, provides cushioning to the feet, and radiates comfort throughout the joints and spine. The obvious answer to this need is EVA foam mats!

Our particular mats are so simple to install, they require no professional or costly and toxic adhesives. Order as many as you need, assemble them like a puzzle using their interlocking tabs, finish with included straight edge pieces, and you’re done! To clean them, sweep off loose debris and then mop with either just water or a little mild detergent. No harsh, malodorous chemicals are ever needed. If your configuration needs change, it’s easy to remove the mats and reassemble them. No other flooring system gives you this option. And because the mats come in thicknesses of 3/8″ to 3/4″, you’ll have plenty of support and softness to carry you through the day.

For the classiest look in the salon, we suggest our best-seller, the wood grain mats. Weighing in at 3/8″ of soft, durable EVA foam, these mats lend an air of sophistication to any room. Stylists and barbers will appreciate the anti-fatigue quality, but truth be told, they just look nice. Kick the aesthetic appeal of your salon up a notch with the elegance of our wood grain mats.

Whether the mats are arranged around a work station or covering the entire salon floor, stylists and customers alike will appreciate the gentle cushioning, the durable support, and the eye-catching appeal of EVA foam mats in the salon.