Forest Floors™ are Everywhere!

Where would you put our wood grain Forest Floor™ mats? They’re so elegant, soft, supportive, and easy to install, you could put them almost anywhere. 

Forest Floors™ are a shoe-in at home. Bedrooms, family rooms, even home gyms are great applications. The wood grain lends warmth and class while welcoming those bare feet with softness you can only get from EVA foam. But where else? Believe it or not, many of our customers find them the perfect professional fit for their businesses.

The Forest Floor™ in the picture was installed by one of our customers who thought the floor would work perfectly in her massage studio. And it does! It blends beautifully with the warmth and quiet atmosphere she has obviously worked hard to create. While she spends hours on her feet to give relief to her clients, our mats are hard at work beneath her providing shock-absorption and cushioning to her joints. And frankly, those mats look awesome doing their job!

How would your business look with some Forest Floor™ mats? Reception areas, exam rooms, sales floors, and office spaces all benefit from the professional look wood grain mats lend. Imagine being able to improve the look and feel of your business space for just pennies of what it would cost to hire professionals to install a more high-maintenance floor. The mats are simple to install – no toxic adhesives required – and can be maintained for years simply by sweeping and mopping.

Educators have found our mats helpful in classrooms, too. Mats help delineate space for specific activities, like reading, napping, or exercising. Children gravitate toward unique spaces, so classrooms with foam mats provide kids with helpful, defined areas for their unique needs. Even church classrooms and daycare facilities benefit from the quieting effect our mats can have. Forest Floors™ are always a great choice, but our colored mats can be mixed and matched to create fun patterns, too.

Massage studios, classrooms, reception areas, and even trade show booths are great places to install our Forest Floor™ wood grain mats. Where are you going to put yours?