Gaiam® Yoga Mats for the Conscious Yoga Practice

When it comes to the industry standard in yoga products, Gaiam® is arguably the choice, and We Sell Mats is proud to provide you with these outstanding yoga mats, blocks, and other equipment. “Gaia,” according to Greek mythology, is the mother of the universe. The Earth, all the planets, stars, and every god and creature were all born to Gaia. So how in the world did a yoga mat come to be named after her?! As many consumers became socially conscious in the 1970s, companies began to market to this unique population: people who made purchases based on their values. Gaiam® and others named their products and companies after entities or ideas that would make a connection in the minds of their potential consumers.

If you practice yoga, you understand connections: to yourself, the Earth, and those around you. Yoga mats are the physical foundation for that connection, and are consequently very important to the practice. Our yoga mats come from a source that understands the practice, embraces the connections, and seeks to provide only the best mats and accessories so that your yoga experience can be free of distraction, safe, and fulfilling.

Practically speaking, the yoga mats come in different thicknesses so you can have what fits best with your needs. Many beginners find a little more padding is helpful and choose from the 5mm printed mats. For others, balance is easier on a thinner mat, like our printed 3mm mats. For more athletic yoga practices, the 5mm and 8mm athletic yoga mats are ideal. Whether you’re a yogi, a beginner, or somewhere in between, you’re in the right place for good mats from the most trusted yoga products maker on the market.