Gaiam® Yoga Mats – Only the Best Will Do for You

No matter which all-purpose big box store you wander through, you’ll find yoga mats. Why not grab one? They’re cheap and they’ll do the trick, right? Wrong. When you’re in the market for a yoga mat, you don’t want to go cheap precisely for the reason that cheap won’t do the trick. You need a mat you can count on, that will last for years, and that will help keep you going in your new yoga practice. That’s why you need a yoga mat from We Sell Mats. 

Our Gaiam® yoga mats are simply the best yoga mats you can buy. We chose to sell Gaiam® because they are a well-known and trusted maker of yoga equipment and have outlasted all the little fad equipment companies. These yoga mats are in for the long run. Take a look.

If you’re looking for the minimal amount of padding between you and the ground, our 3mm yoga mats are just what you need. These will give you some texture for grip as well as staying out of your way when you need to balance. Too much padding and you compromise your ability to maintain equilibrium on the mat. With a 3mm yoga mat, you have just enough padding to take the edge off, and plenty of contact with the ground beneath you.

For a little more padding, perhaps if you plan to do lots of floor work, meditation, or even pilates, our 5 mm mat is the way to go. Yoga is always a challenge, but it should never be painful. A little more padding will help you rise to meet the challenges without hurting yourself and bringing the practice to a premature end. Go ahead and consider giving yourself that little bit of extra comfort with a 5 mm yoga mat.

Speaking of challenges, have you tried hot yoga? If you plan to be sweating like crazy during your yoga practice, you should definitely take a look at our Athletic 2Grip and Sol Premium Dry-Grip mats. These mats wick moisture away from hands and feet to help keep you steady during the hottest yoga sessions. And with 5 and 8 mm to choose from, you can still get the thickness you prefer.

You can see why a yoga mat isn’t something to be chosen for its cost. Be good to yourself and your yoga practice with a top-of-the-line Gaiam® yoga mat from We Sell Mats.