Generate More Trade Show Leads with EVA Foam Mats

Sound like a long shot? Not at all. Put yourself in the not-so-supportive shoes of the people attending the trade shows. They’re standing and walking around on hard, cold, concrete floors that are the foundation of every trade show. If your booth offers them even a brief respite from the achiness of an unwelcoming floor, you’re likely to make a great impression, even before you begin your pitch.

With EVA foam mats as the underlayment for your trade show booth, you’ll do several things. First, with the color-coordinated use of our multi-purpose EVA foam mats, you can create a real eye-popping floor that draws attention. Great first step. If you use our wood grain mats, the effect can be truly stunning and will shock your attendees when they step on them and realize they’re not really hardwood. The wood grain can add an element of class and professionalism not often seen in small business trade shows. Perhaps the warmth of a carpeted floor in your businesses own colors will be the draw – use our carpet top mats for a welcoming, wanna-go-barefoot feel that may just keep the visitors in your booth a little longer!

If you’ve been lugging rolls of carpet to your shows, now is a great time to reconsider because EVA foam mats are lightweight, can be easily cleaned, are installed in various configurations quickly and easily, and are easily transported and stored when the exhibition is done. There’s no way to predict the dimensions of a booth from venue to venue, and having the flexibility to adapt will put you ahead of the curve every time. Our convenient shoulder bags hold and transport the bags safely and easily and you’ll be ready to go to the next event in a snap. That huge roll of carpeting you’ve been using? The one that has stains you try to hide with chairs or product placement? The one that has to be cleaned professionally? Say good bye. Because our EVA foam mats are 2’x2′ and are stain and water resistant, you’ll only have to wipe off the tiles that get dirty. If one becomes damaged, you can purchase a single tile to replace it, not the whole floor. How’s that for economy?

So you’ve got the look with your new EVA foam mats, and you can enjoy watching the potential customers flock to your attractive, comfortable booth. The rest is up to you: capture their contact information and when you do contact them again, they’ll remember you as the business that had the really comfortable booth, the one they’d be very likely to continue to do business with because of the comfort and care you added to your booth with EVA foam mats.