Generating Business with Your Trade Show Booth

The ultimate goal of participating in a trade show is to generate income for your business, so it makes sense to use every tool in your arsenal, including the best trade show booth flooring, to make that happen. Trade shows require enormous amounts of inputs, from staff time, marketing, and booth design to giveaways and travel costs. Making these inputs produce an output worth your business’ time is a challenge, but upgrading the look and feel of your booth can be done affordably and attractively with the addition of some EVA foam mats.

EVA foam wood grain mats are an excellent place to start to increase the productivity of your trade show booth. Few things will catch the eye of an exhibition attendee more than an elegant wood grain floor, as many of our business-owning customers will tell you. Many trade show booths are simply erected on the hard, unforgiving concrete floor of the exhibition hall, and offer no aesthetic addition to the booth’s foundation. But if your booth is resting on soft, supportive EVA foam wood grain mats, not only will the floor pop, but customers who actually stand on it will immediately feel some physical relief once they’re on it. Six styles of 5/8″ wood grain EVA foam will help you decide on a look that’s best for your booth, whether it’s playful cork, steamy gray slate, or the classic look of white oak, among others. Never underestimate the power of the aesthetic appeal of a flooring system that speaks volumes to your business’ attention to customer comfort!

If you’ve been hauling around a heavy roll of carpet from show to show, you’ll be thrilled at the option of EVA foam carpet top trade show booth mats. Like all our mats, the carpet top mats connect to each other using puzzle piece-like tabs to give a seamless, carpet-style look. But they weigh a fraction of what that heavy roll of stained, worn carpet weighs. And where stains may have been permanent before in your carpet roll, they’re cleaned easily from the carpet top mats. If a mat does ever become damaged, though, you can simply replace that single mat (for mere pennies compared to replacing a whole carpet roll), and your floor looks good as new (which it is!).

To bring more traffic to your trade show booth, offer some relief to customers and booth workers alike, and to keep your replacement costs down, you simply can’t make a better decision than to purchase some EVA foam mats for your trade show booth. Make the most of your trade show booth experience by installing your new trade show booth floor before the next show.