Get a Grip

Have you ever felt like your yoga mat was out to get you? When you transition between poses, it bunches or curls; when your hands and feet are sweaty, you’re afraid you’ll end up doing a faceplant because you can’t grip the mat well enough. We’re happy to tell you that no longer needs to be on your list of things to be concerned about!

Someone asked recently if they wouldn’t be better off just getting a cheap yoga mat¬†from a local store since they were only beginning their yoga practice. The answer is clearly NO. When you get your child their first bicycle, do you get one that is going to fall apart while they’re using it? Do you buy a used car that is obviously going to fall apart within a year? Of course not. You want the best, and you want it to be affordable. That’s why you come to We Sell Mats for the best prices on the best brands of superior quality yoga mats.

While we have a huge line of yoga mats, let’s just focus on the ones with intentionally superior traction so during the origins of your yoga practice you can stay focused on what’s important, and not on whether you’re going to slip. Our Manduka yoga mats¬†have a fabric-like finish that allows very fluid transitions between poses. No bunching or slippage, because the surface is made to help you keep your grip. Three of our Gaiam yoga mats are made specifically for yogis who know they sweat a lot, whether just naturally or because their practice is intense. A high-tack finish ensures traction for both feet and hands as it wicks away moisture and gives you serious grip.

Your first yoga mat should be one that cushions your practice, supports your body, and takes your focus off slipping. If you were getting a yoga mat for anyone else, you’d insist on the best. And that’s what our Manduka and Gaiam yoga mats are: the best.