Get Your Home Gym in Shape

Got a space in your home where you work out? Wish it was a little more conducive to the kind of workout you want to do? With the simple addition of some EVA flooring mats, you can protect your joints, your floors and increase the longevity of your home workout. It really is that easy, and very affordable.

EVA foam mats are designed to be anti-fatigue and shock absorbing. That works well for just about any workout you can do. If you spend a lot of time on the floor doing body weight exercises, pilates, or even yoga and meditation, some soft, sturdy foam mats can help you feel more comfortable for longer periods of time so you get the most out of your workout. Nobody likes to quit before they accomplish their goals, and the foam mats can help you make sure you don’t end your workout because of joint fatigue or pain.

If your workout involves martial arts, our tatami textured martial arts mats are the way to go. These thick, ribbed mats absorb shock just like our regular mats, but add the texture necessary for secure gripping with feet and hands. The thickness of the martial arts mats is yours to choose. If you just need to take the edge of, the 1/2″ mats might be all you need. If you’re practicing throws or grappling, you might go all the way up to the 1″ mats. The regular martial arts mats are 24″ square, but if you want to cover a larger area with fewer mats, the jumbo mats at 40 square inches will do the job.

Make your home gym a place you look forward to being with the affordable addition of EVA foam mats. They’ll take a load off your body and mind and motivate you to keep that active lifestyle a major part of your life.