Greater Stretch, Greater Space with Gaiam® Yoga Block

Woman in triangle pose

Beginners and experienced yogis alike will tell you there’s a time and a place for the yoga block. Blocks help you incrementally achieve more difficult extensions and offer a little help when you need it. They can also help correct hyperextensions that could lead to injury. Our yoga block by Gaiam® is made to support beginners, seasoned yogis, and athletes looking for serious support.The Athletic Yoga DuraBlock is a testament to the idea that the better quality the materials, the longer-lasting the product. This particular yoga block is constructed with a technology that enables it to be 50% more dense than regular yoga blocks, allowing it to maintain its integrity and stability through repeated demanding use. For new practitioners, the added density and secure grip affords peace of mind in trying new poses or lengthening stretches: this block is going to stay put.

One of the first poses a beginner will learn is the triangle pose, or trikonasana pose. This is a great example of how blocks can be helpful. As one hand reaches toward the sky, your other hand extends to the ground. Ideally, you’ll make contact with the ground and be able to maintain the pose for an extended stretch, but initially you may struggle to get your hand to the ground and to hold the pose for a meaningful time. A yoga block on the ground behind your leg will allow you three different levels of stretch. Standing upright, the block allows you to lean in gently to the pose. Stand the block on its side for increased stretch, and lay it flat for even more.

You’ll hear us say often that our yoga mats allow some padding during poses, but definitely not the DuraBlock! Its solidity and unwillingness to give is what makes it the perfect yoga block for beginners and athletic practitioners alike. Nothing squishy about this block! Save the padding for your mat, but go hard-core with your block!