Gymnastics Kits for Play, Practice, or Therapy

As kids around the world are getting a little more interested in gymnastics this time of year, perhaps now would be a good time to invest in a gymnastics kit to help encourage and guide them in their pursuit. Our kits include a tumbling mat, an incline mat, and a balance beam. You can just imagine the fun they’ll have with these!

Many young gymnasts use the beam and mats for extending their practice time at home. They learn the skills in the safety of their class and under skilled supervision, then they want to show it off at home. Providing a tumbling mat for them ensures they can do all the showing off they want on a safe, firm, but soft surface. Our balance beams sit directly on the floor and actually fold in half for easy storage. They have a firm core but are soft enough that a little slip won’t mean a thing. The really fun piece of equipment is the incline mat. This works well for little ones learning forward rolls and works just as well for older kids learning bridges or walkovers. This is the perfect kit for an aspiring gymnast. But chances are, they’ll find other uses for all the pieces of equipment. You just can’t give a kid some bouncy, challenging equipment and not expect them to play with them. The balance beam will become a bridge across the lava living room floor, the tumbling mats will serve as beds for sleepovers, and the incline mat…well, we’ll let you use your imagination on that one!

The very important other use for the gymnastics kit is for therapy. Many pediatric physical therapists use mats in therapy rooms for safety. Kids with motor control issues can find help with the fun balance beam. There are no end to the therapeutic uses of our gymnastics equipment.

Whether you choose to purchase the whole gymnastics kit or buy a component or two individually, we’re certain your kids will think you’re the coolest parent on the planet. And you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re playing, practicing, and growing within a safe environment.