Gymnastics Mats Extend Your Routine!


Remember that time when you did a whole gymnastics routine on a concrete floor? Neither do we. Turns out that’s a really bad idea, so we decided to do something about it. You’re welcome, America (and also other countries, which we service through the use of I-Parcel, in many cases allowing you to shop in your own currency)!We imagine you’re all elite gymnasts, so we think you ought to have elite-level protection built into your gymnastics mats just in case you do an elite-level face plant on accident. That gets really messy, so check out our selection of gymnastics mats, designed for all kinds of gymnastics maneuvers, and keep all your facial features nice and separate from the gym floor!

 Our premium mats offer hook and loop fasteners on all four sides, not just two, so you can extend the size of your practice area to suit your needs. We really weren’t kidding about Olympic-level gymnasts – we carry gymnastics mats that have Nastia Liukin’s seal of approval, and seeing as she’s the one with all the gold medals, we tend to defer to her judgment on what makes a good mat. If you’re looking for the absolute cream of the gymnastics mat crop, look at her products. We’re also carrying tumbling octagons and barrels, and other equipment for more specific exercises, as well as some more conservatively priced tumbling mats and budget-oriented equipment. It’s all high quality stuff, so it’s just about picking the right tool for the job.

As always, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re not totally sure what you need – we’ve got elite-level customer support personnel that will be happy to help you find the gear that’s going to help you keep your practice at the highest level of efficiency you can possibly achieve. While you’re on the road to those gold medals, our mats will make the journey a bit more comfortable, and a lot safer. Contact us with any questions you might have, and like us on Facebook for a discount on all your orders!