Have Yourself a Merry Little Trade Show Booth

Nothing says holiday spirit more than a hot little trade show booth! Yeah, that might be reaching, but when it comes to your business, you take advantage of every opportunity you’re given. And we’re giving you one. Get your trade show booth ready for a new year of exhibitions with an upgrade to an EVA foam floor!

Standing for hours on an attractive, soft, and supportive EVA foam floor will feel like a walk on the beach compared to the concrete or thin commercial carpet roll you’re used to. Stress to the feet, knees, and lower back are the major complaints of people who have to staff the booths for hours on end. And on top of that, they’re supposed to smile and be excited and energetic about what they’re doing. Not an easy bill to fill. But with the addition of a new flooring system, you can take the physical stress away from the body and convert that into energy, positivity, and higher sales.

Our EVA foam mats come in so many colors and patterns, you’ll potentially have a hard time choosing which will work best for your booth design. You can choose a solid color that complements your business colors and logo, mix a couple of different colors into a pattern that really pops, or kick the class up a notch with some elegant faux wood grain flooring. Any way you go, you’ll get at least 3/8″ of EVA foam under your feet, easy installation and transportation, fast clean up, and lots of happily raised eyebrows.

Want to have some fun with your trade show booth flooring? Invest in a few different colors to change your theme with the seasons, holidays, and venues. The mats are inexpensive, so you can actually afford to do this. It will keep your booth appearance fresh and attract the attention of folks who’ve maybe seen you at the shows before. And that’s your goal, right? Bring in the buyers!

Trade show booth flooring, whether in the holiday spirit or not, can actually make some spirits rise, so give yourself an early gift by purchasing some festive colored trade show floor mats or some truly elegant wood grain mats. It will be one gift that keeps on giving at each exhibition you attend!