Home Gyms Keep the Holiday Pounds at Bay!

Got a pre-holidays fitness routine? Having access to a good workout space in your own home can be just the ticket to avoid the pounds the average person gains from the end of November into January. Why not give yourself a little pre-holiday gift and put in that home gym you’ve always wanted?

Some nice, thick floor mats are a great place to begin designing your gym. Sure it’s more fun to dream about all the fancy machines and weights you’d love to see in your gym, but if you start with the flooring, you’ll be sure you have a good foundation for your workouts, and solid protection for your floors. We have so many mats to choose from – take a look!

If you only have minimal space for a workout, our personal exercise mats might be the thing for you. They fold up for easy storage, and their handles make it easy to move from one room to another, wherever your workout might fit. If you can devote a little more space to a gym, you can’t go wrong with our EVA foam mats. These piece together like a puzzle and have straight finishing edges to give your space a neat, defined look. If your space changes, simply reconfigure the mats. It really is that easy.

If you’d like to bring a martial arts component into your workout, consider our Tatami finish martial arts mats. These also come in several thicknesses, and the Tatami finish provides extra traction for bare feet. These mats are also great for high intensity and plyometric workouts. A little carpet tape on the bottom will give added security so you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding.

Whatever your dream home gym ends up looking like, we’ve got the mats to make it real. Now, just installing the mats won’t keep the extra weight off during the holidays – you do have to actually work out – but they’ll be a great inspiration, knowing you have a cool, supportive space for your very own gym.