Hooray for Play Mats!

Your kids spend a lot of time on the floor, so it’s important that the play area on the floor they’re so fond of rolling on, spilling on, and falling on is safe and easy to care for. Our play mats and multi-purpose mats are perfect for this application. If you want a soft, supportive, and stain-resistant place for your kids to do their important work of playing, these play mats are for you.

Indoor play spaces at home can be defined by rooms or by an area covered in play mats. It would be great if every home had a designated playroom, but that’s not the case. In smaller homes or apartments, sometimes the play area has to be just a small space in the family room or even a corner of the kitchen so you can keep an eye on the little ones. If you’re looking at a limited area for a play space, the best way to define it and make sure it’s safe is to use EVA foam mats. These mats lock together securely like pieces of a puzzle to make a smooth, continuous, and safe floor for the kids to be on. The mats are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your kids being exposed to dangerous chemicals. In fact, you don’t even need chemicals to keep play mats clean. Just a little water with some mild detergent will clean them right up.

Depending on the play mats your choose, you can have anywhere from 3/8” of protective foam all the way up to 3/4” of injury-mitigating protection. Those little bumps on the head don’t have to end in a trip to the doctor for stitches if you’re giving the kids a soft landing space when they need it. Our ABC-123 mats are wonderful for the little ones. They teach letters and numbers while they protect – and their colors are vibrant and inviting to small children. If the ABC-123 mats are a little young for your child, our multi-purpose mats are sure to satisfy. Choose a couple of different colors to make fun patterns and let the kids help piece them together. Either way you go, you have easily maintained and movable play mats.

If they’re going to be on the floor, make sure the play mats they use are safe, supportive, easy to clean, and fun to be on.