How Many Law School Students Does It Take…

Recently, a young law school student was asked about his fitness routine and how the almost bald texture of the treads on his shoes fit into his regimen. He laughed and said he figured he didn’t need fitness wristbands that could read his steps or fancy running shoes to get fit. He’s right of course, but where he was wrong is in assuming the surface he’s relying on to support him during his workout is unimportant. Shoes are just as important as the surface on which you’re working out. Would you wear shoes made out of asphalt? How about ceramic tile? Of course not, so get some shoes that are appropriate for your fitness routine, and then let’s talk surfaces.

When you go to the gym, you’re working out on some serious rubber gym flooring, not unlike our heavy duty recycled rubber flooring. Is it possible to get that kind of quality and support in your home workout area? Of course! Our heavy duty rubber floor mats can be ordered just like all our other mats, in as great or small a quantity as you need. They snap together like the multi-purpose EVA foam mats¬†we also carry. These guys are another great option for home fitness areas. They’re lightweight, come in varying thicknesses so you get just what you want, and install neatly and snugly in just minutes. Both these types of flooring surfaces are anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing, and super comfortable.

Why do you need shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue flooring mats for your workout at home? Here’s the thing: the law school student can drink lots of espressos to make it through his classes, take his vitamins, and learn skills to help him stay focused in class that will allow him to make it through his day without falling asleep. He has the tools he needs to get the job done. In order to get through a workout routine without developing shin splints, straining a muscle, or earning a stress fracture, you have to make certain the surface you’re working out on is going to absorb the shock from repeated impact so your joints won’t have to. By absorbing this shock with EVA foam mats, you’re able to make it through to the end of your workout without injury, and probably feeling really great. Maybe even great enough to bass the Bar exam.

Get the right tools for the job: some great, shock-absorbing EVA foam or recycled rubber mats for your home workout routine. And please, check the bottoms of your sneakers, too.