How Yoga Changes the Mind (and Body)

“If yoga were taught in K-12, there would be peace on Earth.” That’s quite the statement, but a real one spoken by a yoga teacher at her evening class. Is she right? We have no doubt. When a child is taught from a very young age how to focus her mind, how to control his body, and how to concentrate on breathing as an empowering and calming tool, and how to see the intrinsic value in others, it’s impossible to think otherwise. Try it for yourself: get your kids a yoga mat and a good teacher and watch.

Yoga mats are just a vehicle to the physical and mental benefits of the practice, but they’re important. When you have an intentional space that is meant for nothing but yoga, it becomes a special place. When a child is comfortable practicing anything, they’re more apt to stick with it, so a soft, supportive yoga mat will launch them into their young practice without discomfort. While our yoga mats range in thickness from 3mm to  6mm, we suggest thicker is better for beginners, especially children. The thicker mats, 5mm or 6mm, provide just a little extra padding and support that’s necessary for a young yogi who will likely have his balance challenged and end up falling a few times.

One of the best ways we know to really get the kids engaged is if Mom or Dad joins them on the yoga mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat and have never tried yoga before, this will be a great opportunity to show your kids that even as an adult, trying and learning new things is possible! Let them see you struggle with poses they find simple; it will give them confidence! When you lose your balance and fall, laugh it off and get right back up so they know that a little mistake doesn’t mean the end of the world. It’s a great way to keep your kids active and show by example that yoga is valuable. Who knows – maybe your little yogi will get his friends in on it and you’ll have the beginning of world peace on your hands!