“I Can’t Wait to do Another Trade Show!”

Have these words ever escaped your lips? Anyone’s? Ever? Probably not. Trade shows are known for the grueling time spent loading, unloading, and standing on hard concrete exhibition hall floors for long hours. While the results to your bottom line might be encouraging, the physical toll trade shows take can pretty much guarantee no one ever speaks those words. Until now.

With EVA foam mats as the foundation for your booth, you’d be surprised how comfortable you’ll be even at the end of the day. How does it work? With mere millimeters of EVA foam between your shoes and the concrete floor, there is less pressure directly on your bones, allowing your joints to stay relaxed longer. You’ve seen the look on someone’s face when they’re dead tired of being on their feet. You can read the exhaustion and fatigue in their faces. But when you’ve got some supportive, anti-fatigue mats fighting the good fight under your feet, you’ll feel energized, comfortable, and ready to take on the world (or at least the next person who comes to your booth).

Many We Sell Mats small business customers use our wood grain, carpet top, and multi-purpose mats for trade shows. Check out some of the reviews. Top selling points? They feel so much better than concrete, they’re easier to transport than rolls of carpet, multiple colors can be used to complement company colors/logos, and they can be adjusted to fit just about any space. Once the carpet top mats are in place, they look like a seamless carpeting. The wood grain mats take people by surprise when they step onto them, expecting a wood floor. And all the mats are installed quickly and easily with their interlocking tabs. We even offer shoulder bags for easy transport.

Improve the look of your booth and the look on your face at the end of the trade show day with elegant, easily maintained, eye-catching EVA foam mats. Maybe you’ll be the first person in history who ever says, “I can’t wait to do another trade show!”