If You Build It…

Are trade shows something you dread participating in because of how ridiculously exhausted you feel after loading up, unloading and setting up, standing all day, then loading, transporting, and unpacking all over again? Can’t say we blame you, but there is a way to make that whole process easier, more bearable, and potentially more profitable.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the whole trade show process were easier to undertake, you might actually do really well in terms of sales and contacts, and our EVA foam mats are designed to do just that. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a smile on your face when you’ve just done the Trade Show Workout, but when your booth is set up over attractive wood grain foam mats, you’ll see what we mean.

EVA foam mats are, well, foam, so they’re lightweight and easy to carry. The individual tiles are 24″x24″ and they have interlocking tabs to connect them to each other. You can purchase a convenient shoulder bag for transporting the mats; they really are that lightweight. So now, instead of lugging heavy carpet squares or even a large area rug, you just slip the tiles over your shoulder and be on your merry way. Ok, “merry” might be overstating it, but you won’t be exhausted before the show even begins because you’ve been struggling with heavy flooring. In just minutes, you’ll have a floor down that people will swear is hardwood until they step on it. Then it will feel so good they might just stay a little longer in your booth!

You and your staff will have padding underfoot to absorb shock and prevent fatigue and stress on your joints, so you’re going to be energized right up until the last customer leaves your booth. Now you may have a really great product or service which will attract potential customers by itself, but hey, a little help from an attractive floor can’t hurt, right? Someone sees a product they might be interested in across the exhibition space, they approach, and hey, that’s a pretty cool-looking booth…worth investigating, and then – this isn’t wood! Wow! This really is cool! You’re in the door.

Grab some lightweight, easily installed, and super-affordable before your next trade show and believe us, they will come!