If You Give a Kid a Yoga Mat…

Next time your child’s school is doing a fundraiser, why don’t you suggest doing a fundraiser for yoga mats for the kids? Kids who do yoga have increased self-discipline, are more mindful, and perform better academically. How much is that worth? How about 20 bucks? If every kid in the school got to practice yoga and meditation a few days a week, you might just have to get rid of the detention room!

Kids respond really well to yoga, and on a good quality yoga mat, they can learn an activity they can use for their entire lives. Many schools all over the world use yoga and meditation daily in the classroom. We’re not talking complicated poses here, we’re talking stretching, meditation on their own thoughts and feelings and how they relate to those around them, and learning to get a handle on their growing, often chaotic bodies and minds.

If you give a kid a yoga mat, he’s going to want some milk to go with it. Oh. Sorry – wrong story. But a kid with a yoga mat is going to be eager to use it. Imagine the sidewalk of an elementary school where the kids get off the bus with their backpacks over one shoulder and a yoga mat over the other. Yoga isn’t “normal” school and that in itself is one reason kids gravitate toward it. It’s fun! They get to be on the floor moving around, and they get to watch their own minds and bodies get stronger. So if you give a kid a yoga mat, she just might want to do it at home, too, and maybe get you into the game!

Yoga mats aren’t just for grown-ups. Bring your kid to the computer and let him pick out his own mat from our yoga mat web page. Encourage parents of your kid’s friends to do the same. Maybe it starts as just a couple of kids in your living room goofing off on their own yoga mats. Maybe it grows so that an instructor becomes a good idea. And if it keeps growing, friends, they may think it’s a movement! Let the kids have their own mats and watch them grow, mindfully, compassionately, and academically into the future leaders they are destined to be.