Improve Your Booth and Bottom Line

We can’t say it often enough: happy feet make for good trade show experiences. Don’t believe us? Try standing on a concrete floor for 8 hours straight without sitting. Think about the people attending the trade show, too. They’ve been walking around that same floor for a couple of hours and might just get fatigued enough they go home before they get to your booth. Bad news all the way around. But if your feet are happy, and you provide a happy-feet oasis for the potential customers, your sales will inevitably climb.

The surest way we know to improve your ability to function at a trade show is to put EVA foam mats under your whole booth. Whether you choose a wood grain look for a classy appearance or carpet top mats to add that warmth, their anti-fatigue quality will keep you fresh and energized the whole show. It’s easy to do, too. No more lugging huge rugs or rolls of carpet from show to show. Measure your booth space, order enough mats to fit, maybe buy a shoulder bag to carry them in, and you’re all set. Installation takes mere minutes, as does disassembling, because of the interlocking tabs each mat uses to connect to the others. Straight edge pieces give the whole thing a finished look and you can even choose from a variety of carpet colors and wood grains that will complement your booth perfectly.

What do EVA mats in a trade show booth do for customers? It should be obvious! They’re walking around on concrete and when they step into your booth, they’re shocked at the softness that greets their bodies. The wood grain mats are so realistic, they’ll never know they’re not wood until they step on them. The 3/8″ carpet mats do the same cushioning job as the wood grain mats, and both have the potential to keep your customers in your booth a little longer just because they feel good. And that’s good for business.

We’re ready and eager to help you choose the best mats for your booth. If you have questions, our outstanding team of customer service folks are just a phone call or email away. Improve your booth and bottom line at the same time with EVA foam mats!