Improve Your Booth With Foam Mats

wood grain foam mat

Everyone who’s ever done a trade show knows how hard it can be to pull off an attractive, successful booth. It has to be trendy and eye-catching, but professional and informative. But if we’re honest about it, those of us staffing the booth are more interested in it being comfortable to stand on for 12 hours! 

So that’s the challenge: make your trade show booth attractive to potential customers while keeping it comfortable for the staff (who wants their products represented by someone who’s been pacing around on a convocation center concrete floor all day?!). The problem is that all trade shows and expos are going to be held in facilities and on surfaces that aren’t interested in how your feet feel. So you have to tackle this one on your own. Well, mostly on your own; we’re here to help!

We Sell Mats is the proud supplier of EVA foam mats to businesses large and small for use in classy, popular, and productive trade show booths. Our mats, with interlocking tabs for quick and creative assembly, are lightweight and easily transported, making them a perfect addition to your display. They’re water and chemical resistant, so they clean up quickly at the end of the day and are looking brand new for the next show. You can’t say that about carpet!

With a mere 3/8″ of foam beneath your booth’s display, you’ll notice that you aren’t fatigued as quickly, making you the energetic one at the end of the show, outlasting and outshining your competition! A mat can do that? You bet! Not only can some foam mats make you feel better, they can actually attract customers to your booth. Take a look at our most popular trade show flooring product, the wood grain mats. We’ve been told that you actually have to step on them to realize they’re not hardwood! They look that classy! And any business that takes time to look classy at a trade show is going to draw some attention. For a warmer, softer look and feel, why not go with a color-coordinated carpet top configuration? Pick a color that goes with your current display, then enjoy the support and comfort, as well as the droves of customers!

Trade shows don’t have to be a miserable experience. Improve the look and feel of your booth and you’ll be surprised how eager you are to do the next trade show!