Improvements in Martial Arts Training

Martial artists training outdoors

Some of the greatest martial artists in the world have trained using the most primitive, archaic techniques. The image of the monks on a mountainside training their protégé in self-discipline, resistance to discomfort, and bodily strength is iconic. But imagine, if you will, how much more effectively it could have been done with some high quality martial arts training mats! Goodbye cold stone floors (or hard wood or concrete in your own current training setup), hello perfect balance between firm resistance and cushion enough to save you from bruises.

Our martial arts mats are designed to provide an adequate foundation from which to launch a solid attack, but also forgiving enough to provide welcome cushioning when you’re on the receiving end of the attack.  You need good footing to deliver adequate force into target, but if you fall, you need to be safe from injury too. They’re also textured to give bare feet better grip than you might get on the other kinds of mats. They’re still made with the same tool-free, adhesive-free design that makes all our mats so easy to install.

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