Indoor Summer Workouts with Gymnastics Equipment

We don’t know about you, but for us, the tumbling mat season really kicks off when the sweltering summer heat kicks in. The real competitive season ended in April, but how many elite athletes do you know who take time off? Practice is a year-round thing, and if you’re not inclined to do outdoor exercise in these record-setting summers, grab a few gymnastics mats and get set up in the luxury of a nice, air-conditioned environment. It’s an awesome way to stay limber and in shape in the summer (or get your kids to wear themselves out) without the need to reapply sunblock every twenty minutes.

If you’re reading this article, you probably at least have some idea what you’re looking for, but we’ve got a lot of options for you in tumbling mats. We carry them in a number of different colors and sizes, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs and the amount of stuff you can accommodate. The incline wedges are a similar story: lots of applications, a number of different sizes and options to choose from, ranging from wedges sized for preschoolers to professional training equipment. And we’re carrying a ton of other, more specific training items as well. Never heard of a tumbling octagon? Take a look!

As always, you can call or email us in our nice, cool, indoor office, and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what kind of gymnastics mats you need. As you might have guessed by our name, this sort of thing is our specialty, and we do pride ourselves on not just the quality of the mats we sell, but the service we provide too. While you’re shopping on the site, poke through the reviews and see for yourself what people have to say!