Is Martial Arts at Home Worth It?

Are you really getting what you need from a martial arts workout at home? For many people, the answer is a resounding YES! Forms, footwork, sparring, stretching, conditioning – it’s all beneficial, even if it’s not done in a gym or at a competitive level. Making sure you have what you need at home is a good way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your martial arts home practice. 

Choosing the right martial arts mats for your home studio or workout room is crucial. If you’ve ever practiced in a gym or fitness center, you know that the surface on which you practice has to be secure, padded, and slip-resistant. Falls on a hard surface cuts your practice short or worse, can cause a chronic injury. So good martial arts studios will have martial arts mats on the floor specifically designed for practice. The good news is, you can have these same mats in your home workout space without spending a fortune.

Our Tatami finish martial arts mats come in three thicknesses. Why? Because there are so many different styles of the martial arts and you need to be able to get the right mats for your particular practice. Let’s say your practice involves tai chi or qigong. You’re not going to need a lot of floor coverage and you’re not going to need to absorb shock from throws and falls. Our 1/2″ martial arts mats might just be all you need to make your practice more comfortable. Now if you’re grappling or sparring, our 3/4″ mats might be a better choice. These provide a little extra support and cushioning without getting in the way. If you need serious padding, our 1″ mats are the way to go. These exceed many competition thicknesses, and are great if kids are going to be practicing because they offer the most protection.

Martial arts mats are the perfect way to either begin a martial arts practice at home or bring what you’ve learned at the studio home to extend your study. All you’ll need after you’ve got the flooring down is the commitment to see the practice through for a lifetime of benefits.