Keep the Martial Arts Practice Going Long and Strong

Sure there are sports where having EVA foam mats wouldn’t do much to prevent injury: skydiving, motocross, synchronized swimming, to name a few. But for just about every other sport, including martial arts, mats go a long way to protecting you from a long recovery period and hours in physical rehab.

To ensure the longevity of your martial arts practice, good, sturdy, shock-absorbing mats are the way to go. Doesn’t matter if your practice involves throws, grappling, a bag, or just slow, focused movements. Having 1/2” or 3/4” of Tatami finished foam beneath your feet ensures grip, cushioning, and the ability to get up again.

We’re assuming you’ve stretched, conditioned, practiced, and mitigated possible injury through your training, and that’s great. But giving yourself the added layer of protection offered by mats designed for the martial artist is just smart. You wouldn’t train for a marathon and then run it in heels, so why train in the martial arts unless your practice area is designed to keep you safe? Think of Tatami mats as a big net beneath the trapeze artist. It won’t prevent mistakes, but it can make recovering from them a whole lot less painful!

The finish on our martial arts mats is called Tatami, after the tatami grass mats martial artists used centuries ago. It’s a lot more shock-absorbent than grass, and looks a lot more inviting, too. Its ribbed surface ensures grip for both feet and hands, and the varying thicknesses provide as much or as little padding as your practice requires. They’re simple to keep in good shape, too. I little mop water with mild detergent is all you’ll ever need. They’ll dry by themselves and be ready for your next session.

Protect your joints and the longevity of your martial arts practice with supportive, grip-ensuring Tatami martial arts mats. Not sure which to choose? Give us a call – we love helping customers choose the best mats for their situation!