Keep Your Yoga Practice Going Strong

There’s nothing like a thick, supportive yoga mat to make a yoga practice even more inviting that it naturally is. Our Manduka yoga mats are so comfortable, you may want to consider taking your weekend naps on them. Seriously, these mats are constructed so well, your hands and feet won’t feel the direct pressure of a hard surface, your bum won’t mind the floor work, and your balancing poses will actually feel natural. 

Yoga mats are supposed to be padded enough that yoga is comfortable, as much as it can be, so that you don’t end up quitting before you had intended because your body is sore from contact with the ground. Manduka yoga mats have two things going for them: they’re thick enough to keep you comfortable, but stable enough to keep you balanced. Forget the frustration of falling out of a pose; Manduka yoga mats will help you stay put just a little longer, building your confidence level and increasing the amount of time you’re able to give to your practice because, well – you’re doing so well you don’t want to quit!

The fabric-like surface of the Manduka yoga mats is a bonus. This surface helps prevent moisture from your hands and feet from making you slip and fall. But it also makes movement between poses easier. When your feet need to move, they’re not stuck to a super-tacky mat. But the texture will allow them to stay put when you want them to.

Padding and support are difficult to find in combination in the cheap yoga mat section of the local store, but they are the two major components of Manduka yoga mats. If you want your next yoga mat purchase to be the last one you ever have to make, choose a Manduka yoga mat and be assured you’re getting not only Manduka’s Lifetime Guarantee, but also an inviting, supportive yoga mat on which you’ll enjoy spending your time.