Kickstart the New Year with a Home Martial Arts Studio

Hey, nobody asks for those extra five pounds over the holidays, but with some thick martial arts mats on the floor in the basement or garage, you can lose the baggage while becoming the true martial artist you were born to be.

All you need to kick, punch, roll, and throw your way to fitness is right here under the Martial Arts tab at We Sell Mats. We’ve got different colors, different thicknesses, all tatami textured for grip, and all easily installed without professional help. Pick your martial art. Meditative? Slow? Our 1/2″ martial arts mats are all you’ll need. Piece them together in just a few minutes, then apply all your energy to improving your body and mind. Maybe your martial art is a bit more, shall we say, active? Take a look at our 3/4″ martial arts mats. These install the same way as the 1/2″ mats, but offer just a little more padding. Customers who enjoy BJJ and judo find these mats work really well. An application of a little carpet tape underneath will ensure the mats won’t budge on your hard surface. For the serious martial artist who loves the throws, or for kids who are just learning and need even more protection, our 1″ thick mats can’t be beat.

Our martial arts mats are packaged so you can get just the right number of mats to configure an adequate space. If you find you need one or two more, you can just order single martial arts mats from our website, too. Maybe you want to expand your space. We’ll help you keep track of what you ordered so you can be sure you’re getting the right match when the time to expand comes around. Yeah, our customer service is really on top of things!

There’s no better way to embrace a practice of the martial arts at home than by outfitting your own home studio in supportive, textured, and unbelievably affordable martial arts mats.