Kids and Inclines

Ever notice how kids gravitate toward inclines? Whether they’re hills, accessibility ramps, or snowy hillsides, they seem to call to children. But have you ever stopped to think about why they’re so attractive? Kids often know instinctively what they need to grow and develop, and that’s why play is such a good teacher. Inclines teach balance, center of gravity, gross motor control, and judgment. They’re just a great teacher.

That’s why our incline mats make great tools for kids, whether they’re into gymnastics and tumbling or not. They’re so much fun and the kids think up millions of ways to use them, unknowingly learning about the control of their bodies at the same time. If you happen to have a budding gymnast in the family, incline mats are a great coach you can use at home to extend what the child learns in tumbling or gymnastics class.

With three different sizes of incline mats, you’ll be able to choose the one that is sized for the current needs of your child. For the littlest guys, the preschool incline mat is the perfect tool to help them have imaginative play time in a safe environment. These smallest incline mats provide just enough height and length to let the kids roll, somersault, and do all kinds of fun moves without risking their safety.

For older, taller gymnasts, the medium and large incline mats are the way to go. They provide a little more height and length to give the kids the room they need to work on more advanced skills. They’re all made of a solid core covered in heavy duty vinyl that will outlast anything your kids can throw (or roll) at them. Practicing back walkovers or handsprings with supervision can now be done at home and perfected even without the use of the gym. What better way to encourage an active lifestyle at home?

Kids don’t need much encouragement to play, but you’ll have a hard time stopping the fun when it’s bedtime if you introduce an incline mat into their arsenal of fun activities. Through play and practice, they’ll become more confident, skilled, and really happy they have you for a parent!