Kids, Forms, and Belts – Oh My!

Want the safest, most affordable martial arts mats for your kids to use at home? We Sell Mats has made it easy for you. Our 1″ thick martial arts mats fit the budget, offer maximum padding and traction, are a snap to install yourself, and sized so you can purchase only as many as you need. The only thing we can’t help with is your color selection!

Where childhood is concerned, well, there just can’t be enough padding, and with 1″ of EVA foam martial arts mats beneath your kids as they practice, you’ll be happy to know you’ve provided them with as much padding as possible. Once they’ve got the martial arts bug, you know they’re going to want to practice at home. So instead of letting them take their chances on the tiled kitchen floor, give them a safe place to try out their newly learned skills. In just a small amount of space, you can easily create a home martial arts studio for them with EVA foam Tatami finish martial arts mats. Maybe it’s time to clear out that cluttered corner of the basement – the space you choose to install the martial arts mats doesn’t have to be huge. It just needs to be a dedicated space where the kids know it’s ok to do their thing.

Our martial arts mats come with tabs on all four sides, like a big puzzle piece, so they’re easy to fit together. Get the kids to help! Sometimes a little carpet tape on the underside provides added insurance against slipping. Fit the mats together, bow respectfully, and let your kids go! And if you ever decide to change the configuration of the practice area, just pull the mats apart and reposition them.

We recommend the 1″ Tatami finish martial arts mats for kids because safety is first when it comes to their practice. The ribbed surface of the mats gives them maximum traction as they continue to practice what they learn in the comfort and safety of their own home. And that 1″ of padding makes sure that when they fall (or get launched…), they can get right back up and keep going. Now you’d better get going on that color choice…