Kits for Kids

If you have a serious gymnast in your house, nothing will communicate your support for him or her quite like the gift of our gymnastics kit. The kit contains an incline mat or “cheese mat”, a balance beam, and a tumbling mat, so they can safely practice just about anything at home.

Our incline mats come in three sizes, one for pre-school ages, one for intermediate gymnasts, and one for the older, more skilled gymnast. All the incline mats are made of a polyethylene core, so the tumbler or gymnast will feel solidly planted while having just enough padding to keep them safe. The mats have a commercial grade covering that resists tears and punctures, and the competition style stitching keeps the seams from coming apart. All the mats fold in half for easy storage and transport, and have convenient handles on the sides for carrying.

Our balance beams are also sized appropriately for your gymnast. They too, fold in half and are lightweight so even the littlest tumbler can get it out and put it away on her own. They taper to a larger base for stability and are made with the same solid core for balance and security. Helping a child practice on a beam that sits on the ground and is padded like a real beam is a lot less scary than watching them drill on a real beam at the gym!

Finally, the piece of gymnastics equipment no gymnast’s home should be without: the tumbling mat. Just about everything is made safer with a tumbling mat on the ground. And of course these come in various sizes and thicknesses so you can get the one that is appropriate for your child now, or get two (they attach with hook and loop fasteners) so the child doesn’t outgrow them.

Encourage your child’s love of gymnastics with a kit that says, “I believe in you!”