Kung Fu vs. Kryptonite – The Comeback of Martial Arts in Film

With martial arts making a resurgence in cinema and television, it’s starting to look like maybe people are tired of Asgardians, Kryptonians, Iron Men, and Dark Knights. As much as we’d like to be able to say we sell a mat that transforms into Batmobile or a powered exo-suit, that’s a little out of our technological scope. What we can do though, is provide you with the foundation you need to get the skills that some of the actors behind the superhero masks actually have. Arguably one of the best Batmen in cinema, Christian Bale, has remarkable skill for shaping his body and skillset to whatever his films require, and we’re willing to bet he learned his real-life Batman skills on some high-quality martial arts training mats.

But what’s even cooler to us is the resurgence in popularity of martial arts movies and small screen productions. When the superheroes start to seem larger than life, we’ve got kung-fu masters in Marco Polo and even comic book cinema that can’t deny the charm of a protagonist like the Green Arrow with skills actor Stephen Amell actually has in the real world, too. All these film giants built their skills from the ground up, and it’s pretty cool to be able to say we’ve had a hand in some everyday folks achieving and even surpassing some of the physical accomplishments of our favorite actors.

So whether you’re out to catch bad guys, learn to defend yourself in unfortunate circumstances, or just want a fun, unique, challenging and rewarding way to stay in shape, you can’t go wrong with martial arts, and our martial arts floor mats are the right tool for that job. It’s a long road to achieving the same level of skill as the people we’re inspired by, and we’re here to match your dedication to success with a dedication to providing the best martial arts flooring option you can get.