Life is a Balancing Act

Balance beams are a great analogy for the life your child will pursue. They represent the struggle between control and impulsiveness, conquering fears or giving in to them, and the, well, balance between challenge and threat. Balance beams can be a way to encourage the active lifestyle your child will need to become a healthy adult, as well as equipping them to learn physical and emotional control, understanding how to analyze a difficult situation, and how to methodically take on something from which they might otherwise run. Never knew a balance beam could be so important, did you?!

By introducing your little tumbler to the balance beam with a beam designed for home use, you begin to help that child learn athletic skills that will spill over into their lives in many other ways. Our practice balance beams sit directly on the ground, with no scary elevation to induce fear. The beam itself is made of a supportive core that gives solid purchase, yet is soft enough that kids feel safe and comfortable on it. It’s width is about the same as a competition beam, so they do actually get a feel for what a real beam would feel like, but they become accustomed to the beam without the height, meaning they’ll probably become more acclimated to the beam faster.

Rather than tossing the little guy into the pool to learn to swim, giving your child a practice balance beam offers confidence from the get-go in a non-threatening environment. The kids get to play on the beam all they want, getting used to its feel and demands, all the while learning bodily control without even knowing it. Pretty soon, they’re mastering a gentle walk the length of the beam, without falling, and they don’t even realize what they’ve learned. Imagine the confidence they’ll discover when they understand just what they’ve accomplished! That scary apparatus at the gym doesn’t seem so scary anymore; all they have to do is spend a little time with a new apparatus, and pretty soon they’ve conquered their fears and have mastered the use of whatever new thing has been tossed into their lives.

Balance beams might be the parenting tool no on ever talks about, but they are your key to being an encouraging, motivating, and thoughtful parent to that little one who needs it. Perhaps instead of another how-to parenting book for your shelf, purchase a supportive, comfortable, and non-threatening practice balance beam for your child. Who are we kidding? It’s for you, too.