Life is a Workout

Feel like just making it from bed in the morning to bed at night without a political argument is a workout routine in itself?! Well, it’s not supposed to be that way, and we’re here to help you get your wits about you and your bod ready to take on the next curve ball. And you know where it all begins: with a good foundation, like EVA foam mats.

The cool thing about personal exercise mats┬áis that they’re not demanding. They’re not like the universal that sits in the corner glaring at you. Personal exercise mats are made to be there when you want them, and to be tucked away when you just need a freakin’ break. They fold up and slide beneath a bed or couch out of the way until you’re ready for them. And when you’re ready for them, they can take whatever you can dish out. HIIT? Got it. Pilates? No problem. Yoga? Why not? These mats are flexible, unlike the arguments you hear on the bus every morning.

Now if you happen to have the fortune of being able to have a whole home gym, even if it’s a small one, you’re going to want some EVA foam padding – for a couple of reasons. First, your joints need just a bit of padding so you can keep them healthy for as long as you want to work out. Repeated stress (whether in life or just on the joints) is unhealthy and an lead to chronic pain and a premature end to your workout plans. So give the joints a break, ok? Secondly, there’s the issue of your floors. Even if they’re not particularly nice, you’re going to want to protect them. Heavy exercise equipment can leave marks on whatever floor you have (and please don’t use equipment on carpet. Just. Don’t.) Protecting the floor means when you take the foam mats up, you have a decent-looking floor when it’s time to sell or move. And that’s the other cool thing about EVA foam mats: they can be taken up and reinstalled wherever you go. How’s that for accommodating?

Relieve your stress, take it easy on your joints, and get a good EVA foam floor mat or exercise mat for your workout routine to help keep your head in the game even when everyone around you seems to be losing theirs!