Looking for an Exercise Mat for Your Insanity Workout?

Woman doing mountain climbers

Unfortunately, too many people think a HIIT workout can be done safely on a thin rubber mat, or any surface at all. But the truth is, HIIT workouts like Insanity require the absolute maximum your body can give. Anyone who’s done one of these workouts will tell you that they are incredibly demanding and can be very hard on your body. And if you try to do these on the wrong surface, you’re just asking for trouble. So don’t. Just don’t. There is a better way.High intensity workouts are best performed on a surface that offers support, traction, stability, and shock absorption. You need support and stability so your ankles don’t give out in a jump; you need traction for high-speed stops and starts; and you need shock-absorption so your joints don’t fail you altogether in 2 years! The solution can be only one flooring system: EVA foam mats.

When you put 3/4″ of EVA foam between you and a concrete or hardwood floor, your establishing dominance in your HIIT workout. Before you even begin, you’ve got the upper hand. You’re beginning with a foundation that will protect your body from fatigue, allowing you to complete the workout and achieve maximum results.

Why 3/4″ mats? With high intensity workouts, there is an incredible amount of impact on the flooring surface. To ensure a solid, non-slip experience for high intensity workouts, we recommend the heaviest of our EVA mats, the 3/4″ mats.┬áThese dense mats are pieced together, like all our other mats, by interlocking tabs. The edges are finished with straight finishing pieces to give your workout area professional appeal. During a HIIT workout, the pressure on the mats to shift or become disconnected is quite intense, so the heavier 3/4″ mats are the appropriate mats to use. These mats aren’t going anywhere!

If you choose a mat with slightly less density, like our 3/8″ mats or our 1/2″ mats, you may want to take the advice of our customers and our customer service team and consider using some carpet tape underneath the mats to help hold them together, preventing separation and sliding. With any of our EVA foam mats, you’ll be increasing your chance of a demanding but safe HIIT workout. Give us a call if you’re not sure which mats to choose – we love talking to customers and have a lot of tips to share!