Mad Skills

“I got mad beam skills,” your 5 year-old proudly says to her new gymnastics coach. Wouldn’t that be the coolest? One of those videos that goes viral, ’cause your kid is so adorable? We’ve got what you need to make it happen. We have balance beams for every size kid and every skill level. They’re affordable and won’t monopolize your living space. Too good to be true? Nope.

Balance beams aren’t just a gymnastics apparatus; they’re also a child-development tool, a fear-conquering mechanism, and frankly, a toy. Before your child can claim “mad skill” on a beam, he has to have actually worked with one. And he can, thanks to our selection of balance beams for home use. Choosing the balance beam that’s right for your child and your home couldn’t be easier. Got a little guy who’s still working on gross motor control? Check out our medium density 9′ balance beam. It’s gentle support and direct contact with the floor means slips won’t have to hurt and the fear of heights is non-existent. Little kids and young gymnasts get to practice on a safe, incredibly forgiving balance beam.

For increased stability, our high density 9′ balance beam beam works will for gymnasts of every age and skill. Its 4″ surface provides ample footing, the higher density core gives a truer feel of a real beam, and it still sits flat on the ground for the best protection. For a little more height with superior stability, take a look at our 9′ extra-wide high density balance beam. This balance beam, while still flat on the ground, rises 7″ up, so your gymnast gets a little sense of being up off the ground, while still having security and safety.

All three of our 9′ balance beams fold for easy storage. Just slip them under the bed or couch, maybe up against a wall, and you have your living room back. Nothing could be simpler to help your child develop better balance and, maybe someday, mad beam skills.