Make Your Store Better with EVA Foam Mats

You know that feeling after a long day working sales in retail where you finally sit down and take your shoes off and you’re… actually totally comfortable and not utterly exhausted and your feet aren’t even remotely sore? We do. You don’t? That’s because your floors aren’t covered with foam mats. Very simple problem, very common, but fantastically easy to correct, and it just happens to be that you’re looking at the website of the #1 floor mat sales site on the internets. Read on and learn a little bit about the different kinds of mats you can use to soothe your disquieted sole. Ehem. Soles.

Retail setups can be very different. Major retailers often have a lot of traffic across their checkout floorspace, and so cashiers need a heavy duty mat that can handle a lot of movement on a daily basis. If your shop has a little less activity than that, the best option for you might be the interlocking EVA foam mat that we like to think of as the Swiss army knife of floor mats. They’re our most affordable and commonly-used mat, and for excellent reason. However, as we said, if durability is a concern, and it may well be, go for the heavy duty mats – they’ll be similar to what you see in an auto shop, and are built specifically to withstand the level activity they see in such settings while still giving just enough that the workday can be a comfortable experience (at least until those chronically impatient customers come in).

If you’re not sure what constitutes the ideal flooring situation for your particular retail location, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email. Mats are roughly 99% of what we do (we’ve got some pretty cool yoga and gymnastics stuff that comes in shapes that aren’t flat, thin, and semi-squishy), so if ever there were experts on foam floor mats, they’d probably be us. We’ll be happy to work with you to work through the specifics of your situation and get you some flooring you’ll love.