Make Your Trade Show Booth A Walk on the Beach

You’ve been there – staffing the trade show booth for hours on end. Aching back, sore feet, miserable joints. Imagine how the trade exhibition attendees feel; they’ve been hoofing it through the concrete maze of the exhibition, too. What’s going to make you feel better, more energized, and provide your customers with a great experience at your booth that others lack? The answer is a great flooring solution.

Trade show booth flooring is traditionally a pain in the rear to load up, install, maintain, and transport back home, but with some EVA foam mats as your new booth flooring, you’ll have the job done quickly, painlessly, and with a profoundly professional and comfortable result. With a mere 3/8″ or more of high-quality EVA foam beneath your feet and covering your trade show booth area, you and your customers alike will feel a sense of comfortability never before thought possible in the concrete jungle that is the majority of trade show exhibition halls.

All of our trade show flooring options are easily installed because they come in 2’x2′ tiles with interlocking tabs. Stack them all in one of our carrying shoulder bags, and install them in mere minutes to cover your booth floor. You can choose from solid colors that complement your company colors, mix two or more colors together for an eye-catching appearance, or choose a wood grain pattern that really stands out. For the die-hard carpet fans, we even carry carpet top mats that still provide the feel of foam, but the look of seamless commercial grade carpeting. You simply can’t go wrong with any of our mats.

With our solid color and wood grain mats, spills and stains aren’t an issue. The mats are water-resistant, so spills are quickly and easily cleaned up leaving no hint they ever occurred. At the end of the day, just dust of any debris, and load them into the car for the trip home. To keep them looking brand new, mop or wipe down with a little mild detergent in water. They’ll dry quickly and be ready to support you at the next trade show. And because they’re far cheaper than rolls of inflexible carpeting, you’ll feel confident knowing your investment in the trade show is worth it. If your booth configuration changes, you won’t have to buy a whole new roll of carpet: just reconfigure your tiles to accommodate your new space. It’s that easy.

Make your next trade show experience feel like a walk on the beach (minus the grit between your toes) for you and your customers. It might just be the thing to draw more customers to your booth and increase your take-away from the next exhibition.