Making Room for Gymnastics at Home

Think you don’t have room at home for some tumbling mats or a good balance beam for your young tumbler or gymnast to use? We’re happy to report that only minimal space is actually necessary if you use our foldable tumbling mats and balance beams. The key is that these apparatus actually fold compactly and are designed to be stored out of sight when they’re not in use (which is almost never, if we’re honest…).

Tumbling mats are the foundation for all things gymnastic, so if you have even an inkling that your little one is going to be in a gymnastics program some day, now is the time to consider the purchase of a folding tumbling mat. The most compact mat is 4′ x 6′, so it really will fit into a small space when the kiddo decides it’s time to practice being an elite athlete. It’s a much safer alternative to the forward roll on the kitchen floor, which we all cringe at and pray doesn’t end in a trip to the hospital for stitches. Who would have thought a mere 24 square feet of padding could offer that kind of peace of mind? Of course, if you have a little more space, or a child who’s older and needs more room, our tumbling mats come in larger sizes and can actually be fastened together with the hook and loop fasteners on each side. So not only can you protect your little one in a small amount of space, you can increase the padded area as he grows.

You’ve watched your child balance on the street curb as she walked, or maybe try to walk in a straight line following the boards of your hardwood floors, so doesn’t it make sense to provide her with a soft, low-to-the-ground balance beam for “real” balance practice? Our balance beams offer the feel of a real competition beam, but without the height. They’re a safe way to encourage kids to learn motor control, practice balance, and be ready for a gymnastics class when the time comes. And of course, these guys fold up, too. That’s the beauty of our gymnastics equipment: we know you don’t have a gymnasium in your home, so it’s unrealistic to expect a huge amount of space can be dedicated. A folding balance beam and tumbling mats are the perfect solution.

Thanks to foldable, storable tumbling mats and balance beams, you don’t have to have 1000 square feet of space in your home to encourage your child to pursue the active lifestyle gymnastics offers.