Manduka Mats Are Here!

For a superior feel and a lifetime guarantee, we’d like to introduce you to our newest curated line of yoga mats: Manduka┬«. These are some of the finest quality mats you’ll ever experience, and the lifetime guarantee should be a good indicator of that. These are the go-to mats of instructors everywhere, because of, well, so many reasons. Let us sum up.

Our Manduka mats come in four styles. It’s important to find the one that’s going to match your needs and your style of practice and from these four styles, we’re sure you’ll find the one that’s best for you. Let’s start with the Manduka LiveON mat. It’s 5 mm thick and a perfect mat for beginners. Its closed cell surface, like all Manduka mats, prevents moisture from being absorbed into the mat and causing bacterial growth and faster decomposition. It’s just thick enough to take the edge off your joints for a comfortable introduction to yoga. What’s more, when you’ve used the mat to within an inch of its life, you can return it to the foam manufacturer so that it can be recycled into another product, even further reducing the environmental impact.

The Maduka Eko Lite yoga mat is truly an engineering feat to behold. It is the only natural rubber mat on the market, yet the rubber is non-Amazon harvested and leaves no footprint in landfills. It offers three layers of technology for maximum grip, comfort, durability and performance. The top layer uses the closed-cell material to keep the mat clean and safe, while offering superior traction. The bottom layer is where you’ll find the 3mm of cushioning for truly grounded practice. The middle layer uses a heating process to bind all the layers together without the use of toxic glues.

Now for the lifetime guarantee: the Manduka PRO Lite yoga mat is constructed so well and with mindfulness of the impact on the planet, that it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. During construction, no toxic chemicals are released into the air, so the Earth-conscience yogi can use the mat with confidence. At 5mm, the PRO Lite mat is a favorite for hot yoga. That same closed-cell surface of the other mats will not absorb all the sweat you can manage to generate during those super hot and humid sessions.

Finally, meet the Manduka PRO yoga mat. The lifetime-guaranteed PRO is 6mm thick and covered in a fabric like finish for optimal movement. The sustainable engineering of the PRO guarantees the mat will not peel, fade, or flake. It offers the most cushioning of all the Manduka mats and once you’re on it, you’ll realize why you’ll never need another mat.

Manduka mats are made to support you as well as the Earth you practice on. Choose Manduka for the most impressive yoga experience you’ll ever have.