Martial Arts Floor Covering

Martial Arts Floor CoveringThe right martial arts floor covering can make a huge difference during training or sparring. EVA foam flooring provides excellent grip and cushions falls, all while being the most versatile and usable product on the market. Don’t neglect flooring while equipping your gym—the proper martial arts floor covering may be the crucial element in that big win.

Hard falls can be a huge hindrance to training, but EVA foam martial arts floor covering will not only prevent falls, but protect from injury in case they do happen. EVA foam martial arts flooring has Tatami ribbing to increase grip and stability in the ring. You can be sure on your feet when you install the right martial arts flooring in your gym!

EVA foam martial arts floor covering has a flip flop like cushioned texture, meaning superior protection from injury and support for joints. Whether a top MMA fighter or in your first martial arts class, you know the pain of a hard fall. EVA foam flooring eases your fall, making getting back up no problem. This added safety is especially appreciated by parents encouraging their young champions. Plus, padded EVA foam is easier on joints, making long periods of exercise more enjoyable.

Martial arts floor covering should be durable and easy to use. EVA foam flooring is as strong as you are. It is water resistant, so it can be cleaned and disinfected. Installed as an interlocking series of mats, it can be customized to whatever space you desire, and even transported and stored. EVA foam flooring is the best solution for martial arts flooring. Excellent cushioning, superior grip, and extreme versatility is sure to make your gym worthy of the best fighters at a low cost.

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