Martial Arts Flooring Systems

Martial Arts Flooring Systems

Martial arts flooring systems need to be able to cushion a fall, prevent slipping, and outlast frequent and heavy wear and tear. Martial artists know the benefit of good flooring, as a hard fall or surprising stumble can mean winning or losing a match. EVA foam flooring is the ideal solution. With two thicknesses of spongy flip-flop like material, EVA foam helps prevent injuries from falls and support body movement. Their ribbed Tatami finish means good grip for your feet as you take on your opponent.

In addition to EVA foam martial arts flooring systems’ cushioning and texture, these mats can be configured to fit any space and can be easily cleaned. EVA martial arts mats are interlocking like puzzle pieces, so you can customize the flooring layout of your space. Tough martial arts training or sparring can get sweaty and messy, so it’s good to know that this martial arts flooring is water resistant for quick and painless cleaning.

A good martial arts flooring system is as strong and long-lasting as the toughest fighter that uses it. EVA foam mats will keep their soft and supportive cushioning from the white belt to the black belt. You want a ripped body, not ripped flooring, so EVA foam mats will withstand the roughest fights!

Durable yet soft and customizable yet storable, We Sell Mats’ EVA foam martial arts flooring systems are the best product on the market for outfitting your gym. Don’t let bad flooring keep your from being the best fighter; protect yourself from trips and falls withs EVA foam martial arts flooring.

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