Martial Arts for Keeping Up

Winter is off-season for a handful of sports, but it’s an excellent time to pick up martial arts if you’re not already into them. If you’re into a sport that isn’t really suited for outdoor practice in the snow or cold weather, you’ve got to find some way to stay on top of your game while you’re waiting for the sun to come back out. A lot of sports work pretty specific muscles and you need a particular range of motion for them. So, in order to stay on top of that kind of stuff, you need an indoor exercise routine that provides the kind of whole-body workout that can be difficult to achieve with a typical gym routine. Enter martial arts.

So much of the martial arts depends not only on your strength and speed, but in awareness of your body and its relationship to your opponent (whether that’s a boxing bag or a sparring partner), as well as your balance and other factors. In the practice of martial arts, you’ll develop a range of those kinds of skills that are not only necessary for martial arts, but will give you an edge in other sports. Things like balance and spatial awareness aren’t often things that one directly trains in when doing training for other sports, and their development are often secondary benefits of sports training, rather than things that merit their own practice, so when you come back to your main sport, you’ll come back with a more rounded skill set that only comes from taking a broad approach to training, like the football stars who practice ballet.

Of course, if you’re unfamiliar with martial arts, it’s wise to go to a studio for instruction, but there’s no reason you can’t pick up a few martial arts mats and set up your own personal practice area at home. They come in ½”, ¾”, and 1” thicknesses to accommodate your personal preference as to how much give you’ve got under your feet, and we even have some jumbo-sized ¾” tiles if you’ve got a lot of area to cover. They’ve got a tatami finish, so they’ve got the feel of traditional flooring that many of the eastern martial arts would have been developed on, but they’re foam which maximizes your safety and efficiency of movement. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’ve got any questions, and give us a like on Facebook for a discount on every order!